We are often asked the same questions about young players, how do I become better, how do I get exposed?

JOURNEY is a players academy. Players, both boys and girls, will train twice a week under the training of top qualified coaches and professional expert consultants. The program is custom-designed for each player to supplement their training needs. All players start by doing a baseline test to measure and plot development. Sessions are for

10 to 13-year-olds and 14-year-olds and up.

Through its partnerships, SoccerTech offers the players statistical measurements of game performance and an online platform to post their highlight video, which is professionally created by our designers. 

With our network of contacts, we will then expose players to universities, locally and internationally, and professional clubs assisting them in furthering their lives through soccer.

Our Pricing is as follows:

Sign up fee R500 once-off *includes kit

Training 2x per week starts at R350 pm(Price dependent on training base)

Exposure to clubs and Universities R300pm

Brand Management Consult R850 once-off

Promotional Video R1500 once-off(Includes posting on a website)

Should you wish to sign up simply fill in the form below.

Payment can be made into



Acc Number 1577034323

Branch Code 470010