The Internship is a coaching education program designed to give you the knowledge and on-field practical skills application for you to further your football coaching dream.

It is overseen by a Pro License holder with coaching experience in the PSL. Your coaching mentor is available regularly for discussion and you are evaluated regularly with critical feedback to improve your coaching.

The core goal of The Internship is to improve the standard of coaching in South Africa, by giving inexperienced coaches what they need most, knowledge and guidance. By the end of the course, you should be competent to coach at any amateur level in the men's or women's game, be competent to assist in a professional youth academy in South Africa, and those that really offer the aptitude competence to coach as a lead coach in a professional academy in South Africa

The course is broken down into four modules, Theory of Football, Theory of Training, Sport Science and Analytics. These are sent to you as webinars, videos and live Q&A's.


If you are not already at a team, we will look to assist you with a team to do your practical hours at. These will be assessed by one of our assessors around the country.


After 10 months and once your assignments and testing are all complete, you will then be given your certificate.

Not only will you get great knowledge and mentoring, but we will also include you in the webinar series from an English Academy.


For the best coaches employment opportunities may be available and we will take two of you over to the English Academy for a two week period to shadow their coaches.