As a coach you should not only teach the skills but also the "why" behind them 

so your soccer players are prepared and confident during the game.




SoccerTech is a technical outsource company in the football industry, formed in 2018. Its core business is the research and drafting of philosophies for clubs and schools, leading to the coaching methodology and practical coaching training for that institution.


SoccerTech offers everything from full time to ad hoc implementation of these strategies and where required also is involved in the sourcing of coaches and the procurement of technical logistical requirements such as equipment.

Within this core strategy there is an obvious need to assist in the development of football as a whole through running tournaments, private player development and elite player mentorship, with the assistance of other stake holders.

The long term strategy of the company is to broaden the reach of education through soccer by developing an NGO wing that generates income to fund bursaries to schools and universities locally

and abroad.



We offer various services from club and school strategic technical consulting private coaching and elite mentoring.


Our Blog from various experts in all the varying aspects of football and development are always insightful and helpful



Our client base bares testimony to our growing reputation, with some well sort after brands associating with SoccerTech



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