Covid-19 has affected many sports coaches whose only source of income is paid as you work coaching. Many of these coaches have families that they support and often extended families they contribute to, such as grandparents and cousins.

With the ongoing ban on sporting events, it is not likely these coaches will be able to support these systems. 

We are looking to create a fund and then distribute the funds to coaches, across all codes, in urgent need. The funding project will have two phases, fund collection and then fund distribution.

During the fund collection phase, we are looking for donations set at a minimum of R50 per donation. Donors could be businesses or individuals, anyone who can think back on their life and remember a coach who has impacted their lives. There will be two methods of donation, the first is on this page by using the ZAPPER code below this. The second is to click on the red bar to donate, that will take you to the funding main page.

The second phase is where funds will be distributed. There will be an application process that will begin after a few weeks of the first phase. There will be criteria for this phase which will attempt to ensure the coaches most in need will receive the funding required.