MVP specialises in video analysis and player scouting across all levels of sports. MVP use their knowledge and expertise as professional sports analysts to assist in developing talents and aiding players in achieving their full potential.

MVP record players and clubs matches and making use of our professional sports coding software, our team of professional sports analysts capture ALL players and team actions. Teams and players are given EXCLUSIVE access to ALL of their clips and statistics so they may review their performances.

Team and player highlights are uploaded to our YouTube channel and website and can be shared with ANYONE, ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME!!!!

The world is going digital, especially the word of sports and brands. We look to align the two by offering
unsurpassed levels of brand consultation for your off the field necessities, but we also even go the extra mile and nurture your skills growth as a pro footballer on the field (via our partner consulting agency -
SoccerTech ).

Creating a balance between the two ( your football and your brand side of your career) is imperative
to our primary motive to the culture of sports & football and is a true reflection of how we navigate your
career to the next level through our unparalleled, 1st world approach to how we manage the
communication of your brand to the public.


Next Up Athletes was founded to achieve one major goal - to assist with building the next step of your athletic career through US scholarships.

We are a sports agency directly led by current and former international collegiate athletes. 

We pride ourselves on focusing on providing the best service possible to members of our sporting family.

Next Up Athletes now operates across the world, expanding our search for students with athletic abilities worldwide.  Our success and growth are due to the fact that we are an agency built by student-athletes, for student-athletes and creating life-changing opportunities are what we live for.