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The most popular browsers used by this client are unknown.Q: Reverse-lookup IndexedProperty with CollectionProperty I'm trying to build a custom indexed property class like this: public class MyClass : BaseClass { public string Key { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public static readonly PropertyInfo PropertyInfo = RegisterProperty(nameof(MyClass.Name)); public static readonly PropertyInfo IndexedPropertyInfo = RegisterProperty(nameof(MyClass.Key)); public static MyClass Get(string key) { return Get(key, "Default"); } public static MyClass Get(string key, string name) var type = typeof(MyClass); var property = type.GetProperty(name); var indexedProperty = type.GetProperty(name.ToUpperInvariant()); return property.IsCustomIndexedProperty(indexedProperty) ? (MyClass)property.GetIndexer() : property.GetValue(null); } public abstract class BaseClass This code is tested and works fine for looking up the first level of objects in a tree, but how can I add a reverse lookup so that when I do var c = MyClass.Get("key", "name"); I can then do var c.Name or var c["name"]? My understanding is that the IndexedPropertyInfo needs to be an IndexedProperty, and I've tried indexing MyClass to MyClass, and this works, but this is not a good idea as I would like to preserve the polymorphism. If this is not possible, then what is the best approach to accomplish this goal? Something like this?: public



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